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Meet our Nurses

Updated: May 23

We now have three nurses at Little London who are all really committed to providing high quality healthcare with a friendly smile. Alison, Katy and Ashleigh (pictured from left to right) are all passionate about making a positive difference for our patients. Here is a little bit about each of them to help you get to know them: 

Alison is a UK-trained nurse with a background in intensive care and cardiac nursing. She has spent the past 15 years predominately working in practice and community nursing and is passionate about health and promoting well-being. When she is not working Alison enjoys family time with her husband and two teenagers, fitness, nature, art and travel.  

Katy is a born and bred Hamiltonian who has worked as a nurse for 20 years. Her passion for nursing was sparked in the UK during her OE when she was working as a live-in carer. She trained as a nurse when she returned to New Zealand, started her career in paediatric and emergency nursing, and has now found her home in practice nursing. As a mum, Katy has always loved working with children and young families and she is also passionate about women’s health, men’s health and supporting patients with long term conditions.  

Ashleigh graduated in 2021 and began her nursing career in 2023 after having her daughter and previously working in retail management.  She became a nurse with the desire to help people of all backgrounds and make a difference, and especially loves working with children, young families, and new parents. Family is important to her and so when she is not working, she is balancing life with a toddler. 

If you haven’t met our nurses yet, please say hello next time you visit our clinic. 


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