How we care for you during COVID-19

Our Clinic is working differently to keep our patients and staff safe from the spread of COVID-19.

What it means for you:

1. Little London Medical Clinic is open and able to give you the expert medical care you need. 

2. Whatever your health needs are, you won’t be bothering your GP during this time. Our team are still here for you even if your health needs are not related to COVID-19.

3. If you have tested positive for Covid-19, your GP or Nurse will consult with you via phone or video call as required. If you are unwell and need to be seen in person, this can be organised after speaking to your health professional. Please click the red button below for more Covid-19 information.

If you do not have Covid-19 infection or symptoms, you can book an appointment at the clinic by phoning 07 8395004 as usual.

4. If you come into the practice, we will care for you safely and protect you from the risk of catching COVID-19 by:

  • asking everyone to wear a mask (if able)

  • asking health screening questions when you arrive

  • using recommended hygiene & distancing measures to keep everyone safe

When you arrive for your appointment, you may come into our waiting room as usual.  You are welcome to wait outside if you prefer- but please let us know when you have arrived. 


5. We will send all requested prescriptions directly to your pharmacy and all lab requests directly to your preferred branch of Pathlab.

6. If you need a COVID-test, have tested positive, or have questions about COVID-19, click the red button below.