Our Doctors prefer video consultations where possible so they can see their patient and you can see them.

If you already have a Video Consult booked

At least 15 minutes before your appointment time:

           1. Prepare your device and ensure it is charged. You can use your tablet, smartphone or home computer (if it has a camera).
            2. Set it up so your doctor can see you from the waist up.


At least 5 minutes before your appointment time:

            3. Click the name of the doctor you are seeing below
            4. Enter your name
            5. Click Check-In
            ​6. Remain in the Doctor's virtual “waiting room” until the Doctor arrives on your screen.


If you would like to change your existing Phone Appointment to a Video Consult

Please email us to tell us in advance at reception@llmc.co.nz. We will let your GP know and ensure you get the most from your appointment time.