Flu Vaccines

Updated: Apr 12

We will have free flu vaccines available from Wednesday 14 April for Patients aged 65 and over ONLY.

Please phone the practice to book into one of our vaccine clinics.

We will have free flu vaccines available from early in May for the following patients:

· Pregnant women

· Patients with a medical condition which increases their risk of developing a complication if they get influenza: refer for list of approved conditions

· Patients aged under 4 who have been hospitalised with a respiratory illness.

We are able to offer flu vaccines to our patients who don’t fit these criteria at a cost of $30 per vaccine from early in May.

Not inside the clinic

Being mindful of the ongoing Covid-19 situation we hope to be able to deliver your flu vaccine to you in your car if we can. This is to protect you from exposure to potentially unwell people. It would be best if you can have a support person with you. If you have a support person with you, you will only need to stay for 5 minutes after having the vaccine.

Please contact the practice to arrange a time and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Children aged 9yrs and under who have never had a flu vaccine will need to have 2 doses, 4 weeks apart.

When should I have the flu vaccine?

It is recommended you have the vaccine before the influenza season starts. In this way we can reduce the spread of the virus and provide better protection to vulnerable people who are unable to be vaccinated. It will also mean you will have had the vaccine at least 2 weeks in advance of the Covid vaccine being available to you.

If you are unable to have the Flu vaccine before the Covid vaccine is available, you will need to wait at least 2 weeks after having the Covid vaccine before you can have the Flu vaccine.

Why is it so important to have a flu vaccine this year?

We expect the incidence of the COVID-19 virus in the community may rise again through the winter months. The flu vaccine will not protect you from the COVID-19 virus but if you become sick with a viral-type illness it will be easier to diagnose and rule out influenza if you have had the vaccine. It will also prevent dual infection with both COVID-19 and Influenza virus.

Be aware that it can take up to 2 weeks after having the flu vaccine, for you to develop immunity.

What can I expect after I have had the flu vaccine?

These responses are more common in children not previously exposed to the vaccine or virus than in adults and include:

· Mild pain, redness and swelling around injection site

· Unwell or tired

· Fever

· Muscle pain

You will need to stay at the practice for 20 minutes after having the vaccine in case of a rare allergic reaction. We will ask you to wait your 20 minutes outside the building. If waiting in your car you should have a support person with you.

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