Measles Outbreak Information

Up-to-date Measles Outbreak Information 2/9/19

We are able to immunise only our enrolled patients. We are aware that the newspapers are saying you can go to any GP for free jabs, but we do not have the capacity to immunise non-enrolled patients. Those who are not our enrolled patients need to go to their own registered doctor.

The Ministry of Health has advised us to give MMR vaccines to the following:

  • Children on the current immunisation schedule – we have brought forward the 15 month immunisation to 12 months. This is given again at 4 years.

  • Children aged 6-12 months if in contact with a known case. Also if they are travelling overseas soon to countries with an active measles outbreak

  • Youths and adults under 50 years who have never had a dose of measles vaccine.


Please note that those who are over 50 years old are considered immune, as they have most likely developed natural immunity during their childhoods, before the vaccine was developed.

For those under 50, they have usually been immunised depending on which country they grew up in. The current measles vaccine was developed in 1968 and introduced in NZ in 1969, in the UK in 1968, in South Africa in 1975, USA in 1968, in Australia in 1969, Ireland in 1985. One dose of the vaccine protects 95 people out of a 100 ie 95%. A second dose adds another 3-4 people out of 100.